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Tierney talks Gemmell

By March 8, 2017No Comments

Kieran Tierney joked he would be happy to have as many shots in his career as Tommy Gemmell, one of his predecessors as Celtic left-back, managed goals.

Gemmell, who died last Thursday aged 73, scored 63 goals in a 10-year career at Celtic Park, two of them in European Cup finals.

Tierney shares much in common with Gemmell. Their boyhood homes were within a mile or two of each other in Motherwell and Wishaw and both made their name as overlapping left-backs.

But the 19-year-old – who was born almost exactly 30 years after Gemmell scored in Celtic’s European Cup triumph in Lisbon – doubts he will ever come close to his fellow full-back’s goal tally.

“Obviously it’s a very sad loss for Celtic Football Club as a whole, but he is a legend who will live here forever,” said Tierney, who has scored twice for the club since making his senior debut two years ago.

“He was a full-back and he grew up in the same area as me so I can relate to him a lot. You always idolise Celtic people like him.

“There’s only one clip you need to watch from him and it’s inspirational. He was a top, top player, he is a legend at this club and he always will be.

“Somebody said he scored 63 goals or something. If I get 63 shots in my career I will be happy.”