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Warburton brands Deila as disrespectful

By February 25, 2016No Comments

Rangers boss Mark Warburton branded Ronny Deila disrespectful after the Celtic boss dismissed his views on artificial surfaces as “old-fashioned”.

Deila entered the debate about the synthetic surfaces, which have come in for criticism in recent weeks from Warburton and the PFA.

Deila insisted he wouldn’t mind if they put down an artificial surface at Celtic Park as long as it was well watered and believes it is a better surface for developing young players.

Warburton though wants them banned in the top flight after top scorer Martyn Waghorn sustained an injury on the Rugby Park synthetic surface and the Rangers boss was unhappy with Deila’s comments.

“If he did say that then I think it’s very disrespectful because you are entitled to your opinion,” he said.

‘The one thing that jumped out in that interview was that the number one surface is a good grass pitch and the number two surface is a good artificial pitch.

“If you’re happy to accept second best then go with the artificial pitch.

“If you want to go for the best quality standard then go for a grass pitch that sentence stood out.”

In the Championship title race Hibs suffered a 3-0 loss to Morton at home putting a massive dent in their chances of winning the league.

Warburton admitted the result which maintains Rangers eight-point gap at the top caught him by surprise but insists they are not concentrating on anyone but themselves.

“Was I keeping an eye on the match? I’ve got to be honest, no. My son was txting me every 30 seconds but all joking apart it’s got to be about us still.

“Last night’s result doesn’t change anything for Rangers.

“We’ve got to train well this week and prepare for St Mirren. There’s a number of teams chasing the last play-off spot.

“It’s tight and those teams as you saw last weekend will give it a go. So we have to respect that, prepare well and respect them and deliver our performance.

“There’s still 11 games to go there’s a lot to play for still. A lot of difficult matches home and away to play all we can focus on is our next game and that won’t change.

“I think it surprised everyone that’s why we love football it’s the nature of the game.”