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Celtic have signed on loan Benfica winger Jota on a five year deal, the club have announced.

The Hoops third summer signing told Celtic TV: “I’m feeling great. It’s a tremendous step in my career.

“It was a great experience last season. I already knew, more or less, how big Celtic was but I think people only realise once you are inside the club and inside the structure.

“With the season that we had with all the winning and all the trophies, I think it was very good for everyone, and I just got to know the club in another perspective, and I just fell in love.

“So I think it’s a good time to be here and I just want to develop.

“I really missed the Celtic fans and Celtic Park, the atmosphere and even the away games, I think they are terrific. It’s something that I was not expecting and it really pushed me.

“Ange has a philosophy of the game which wants us to be better in every training session and every game.

“So he aims for us to be better and better every week, and that’s something a player likes because there’s no point staying on the same level always.

“You want to develop, you want to be better and you want to achieve others things, and in here at the club we’re ready for that and we’re getting ready for all the competitions ahead.

“Pre-season is always a very important time for us to prepare for what’s ahead because during the season we don’t have the time to be meticulous about all our tactics or whatever.

“Trophy Day was amazing. Once we got to the celebrations, everyone just entered in a pure state of freedom and that’s what happened.

“And I just want that thing to happen a lot of times, to give the joy and the happiness to our fans, and let’s work. We are here to work.”