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Livingston have expressed their “annoyance” as they appealed for help in identifying teenagers who have been breaking into their stadium.

The West Lothian club posted a series of pictures on Twitter on Tuesday morning of youngsters inside the concourse of the Tony Macaroni Arena and on the pitch over the weekend.

Livingston – who claim it is the fifth time in as many weeks such an issue has arisen – have handed CCTV footage of those involved to police and have called on those who know the children to “have a word” with them.

“The club is annoyed to report that yet again we have had a break in at the club from a group of teenagers over the weekend,” Livingston tweeted. “This has been the 5th time in as many weeks this has happened.

“We have reported the matter to the police and handed them all CCTV footage of those involved. We really don’t want to be reporting kids to the police as the last thing we want is any of them getting charged or reported to the children’s panel but we’ve been left with little choice.

“Please look at the footage and if you know the kids involved, have a word with as it’s starting to cost a lot of time and energy trying to stop this happening but for the sake of the kids involved it has to stop before they get hurt breaking in or have the police chapping their door.

“We are a community club and want to help and support the community but this is the last thing we want to be doing. So please, have a look and if you know the kids involved alert their parents and hopefully we can stop it that way rather than wasting police time.”