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Livingston Women have switched their away kit shorts from white to black to reduce anxiety for players during their periods.

The club stated that the decision was taken following discussion with their squad “in an effort to make the players more comfortable when representing the club”.

A statement added: “Wearing white shorts when on a period is an issue that has been regularly highlighted by women across not just football, but a range of sports and the club, alongside the ladies section, will ensure this is considered fully in future seasons to reduce any worry and anxiety amongst the squad that may have come from wearing white.”

Captain Natasha Frew said: “I think this change will allow us to focus more on our game and will reduce the anxiety among women in sport during their menstrual cycle.

“I think it’s great that we have the backing of the club to support our change from white to black shorts. Our away all white kit is nice but not always practical at a certain time of the month.”