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Scotland fans made a donation to Ukrainian children with Down’s syndrome before the Nations League match between the two countries in Krakow on Tuesday.

The Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal raised £4,000 with fans also donating writing materials and various toys and games for Bebiko, a non-profit organisation from the Ukrainian city of Ternopil.

The charity was set up in 2010 and offers assistance to 60 children aged two to five years old who are affected with the condition.

Scotland’s final Group B1 fixture is taking place in Poland due to Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine.

The presentation from the centre of Krakow was live streamed to Ternopil, and afterwards Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal chairman Neil Forbes told the PA news agency: “Since 2003 we have been donating to children’s charities wherever we have played an international football match.

“We have donated £4,000 to Bebiko and the kids are struggling for writing material, toys, games.

The presentation in Krakow
Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal chairman Neil Forbes, left, during the presentation in Krakow (Ronnie Esplin/PA)

“So we put out an appeal for them and we now have dozens of items and we will get them taken down to Ternopil later this afternoon.

“This is our 92nd donation and we have raised something in the region of £256,000 over the years.

“So, quite proud of the Tartan Army and quite proud of the boys and girls who support us. We will keep it going as long as we can.

“I have been involved since 2009 and I still have got life left in me yet and I am happy with doing my wee bit.”