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Ange Postecoglou is proud of how far down the road his Celtic team have travelled towards his football vision as he prepares for his 100th game in charge.

But the former Australia head coach will never set a destination point for his side as he seeks continual improvement.

Postecoglou recently celebrated his third trophy with Celtic after regaining the Viaplay Cup and two victories over Hearts this week would leave him on course for a potential treble.

The century of games comes with a cinch Premiership encounter against the Edinburgh side on Wednesday in Glasgow.

Postecoglou said: “With the amount of games you have with this football club it’s not that long in terms of time but I guess 100 games is fairly significant.

“It would have been pretty long odds when I took the job that I’d reach it, so I guess that’s something.”

While there were sceptics at the start, Postecoglou never had any self-doubt as he dismissed suggestions he might have exceeded his own expectations.

“I wouldn’t have taken a job if I thought I wasn’t going to do well,” he said.

“And I have said a few times, that’s the responsibility of being at this football club, you understand that tangible success in terms of trophies is an expectation. I clearly understood that, I have said a few times that I knew I had to deliver that fairly quickly if I was going to be here for 100 games.

“Not because of the club’s stance, just because I know that that’s what this club demands.

“But my focus is always around the football, the kind of team we want to be, the kind of football we want to play.

“It’s fair to say with that, what we have achieved in just over 18 months, has probably been the most pleasing part. We are really well down the track in terms of playing the kind of football and being the kind of football team I want us to be.

“Which is great, it means I can keep accelerating this and make us a more compelling football team.

“That’s where I get the most satisfaction, not disregarding the success or the trophies, because they are the key cornerstone for any manager of any football club, particularly this one. But the kind of football we have played has probably been the thing that has pleased me the most.”

When asked how far down the road to achieving his aims he was, the 57-year-old said: “It’s an ever-vanishing target. If I think I am close, it just gets further away.

“That’s how I have approached my managerial career at every club I have managed.

“There is no target. I have never set any goals because I have always felt that setting goals means that at some point there is an end point and I just don’t want there to be an end point.

“I just want to keep improving, keep pushing the boundaries of how good we can be as a football club and how good I can make these players and how better the football can be. We will always be at a point where where we want to be is further down the road.”