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Harry Kane hopes to become England’s top goalscorer at this winter’s World Cup.

The Three Lions skipper is four goals behind Wayne’s Rooney’s tally of 53, tied on 49 with Sir Bobby Charlton.

It is only a matter of time until Kane surpasses that number and it could even happen for the Qatar World Cup, which starts in November, as England have six Nations League matches to play.

But he says it would be nice to do it at the main event this winter.

Speaking as a guest on the Jimmy Fallon show in America, Kane said: “I’m excited, the last World Cup was really special. We got to the semi-final, which was the first we’d got to in 30 years as a nation, and the country was going pretty mad.

“We fell that one step short, but I am really looking forward to this one. We have a great team, really good players, really good coach, and we have been building nicely to this World Cup and I’m really looking forward to it.

“Hopefully I can try and break that goal record while we’re there.”

Harry Kane needs four goals to tie with Wayne Rooney's all-time record for England
Harry Kane needs four goals to tie with Wayne Rooney’s all-time record for England (Nick Potts/PA)

The 28-year-old, who has helped Tottenham return to the Champions League next season, again hinted that he might look to a future in NFL after his playing career ends.

Kane, an avid fan of the American sport, has previously suggested he could enjoy switching codes and still seems open.

Asked if he could step in and do a job for either of the New York teams, Kane replied: “I feel like I could, I’d put myself up there for sure.”

Kane opened up on his friendship with Tom Brady and how the quarter-back’s documentary gave him the inspiration to reach the top of the game.

The Spurs man was on an unsuccessful loan at the start of his career when he watched ‘The Brady 6’.

He added: “One thing that did inspire me kind of growing up was actually a Tom Brady documentary. I was away at another club on loan and I wasn’t getting in the team and it was kind of that period – I was 18-years-old – and it was like, ‘If I can’t play here, how can I play for my team Tottenham’.

Kane said: “I came across this documentary on YouTube, it was called ‘The Brady 6’. It was kind of about how he got picked in the sixth round and then became who he became, one of the greatest sportsmen ever.

“It just gave me belief that it was really possible for me to go on and have that career, and thankfully I was able to do that.

“We got in touch. I was following him on Instagram and he commented on one of my pictures. I slid into his DMs. No, he was a great guy.

“We kind of got talking. I’m an NFL fan, I wished him luck for the season and we just kind of grew a relationship from there really.”