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LaLiga has attacked the backers of the Super League – who include the presidents of its two most prominent member clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona – in a social media video published on Friday.

Real and Barca bosses Florentino Perez and Joan Laporta were instrumental in the launch of the Super League last April.

The league quickly collapsed amid outrage among fans of the Premier League teams who had signed up, with the British Government, UEFA and FIFA also coming out in opposition to the plans.

One of the key objections to the league from fans was its closed nature, with the premise being that 15 of the continent’s top clubs would be permanent members.

A video published on LaLiga’s Twitter account on Friday morning stated: “The promoters of the Super League are trying to conceal its format, claiming that they still don’t have a fixed model, although it will be inclusive and open.

“We know that this is false and that they want to present a semi-closed format similar to that of 2019, which has already been rejected by the clubs and (the) European Leagues (group).”

LaLiga sees this as a renewed attempt by the clubs involved to ensure participation in European competition, free from the risk of missing out in the event of a poor season in their domestic league.

“This model is based on promotion and relegation between European divisions where the national leagues do not provide direct access to the top tier,” the video stated.

“On the contrary, they perpetuate the participation of a privileged view, even if they perform poorly in their domestic leagues.”

LaLiga president Javier Tebas criticised recent efforts to reposition the league by A22, the company behind it, and said at this week’s Web Summit in Lisbon: “They maybe look like lambs, but they are in fact wolves. The same wolves as before.”

A22’s new chief executive, Bernd Reichart, spoke at the same event and said he had received an invitation to meet with UEFA, which would happen “soon”.

Reichart’s call for a meeting comes as A22 and UEFA await an update from the European Court of Justice.

The ECJ has been asked to rule on whether UEFA and FIFA abused a dominant position under EU competition law by blocking the formation of the Super League last year, and in seeking to sanction the clubs involved.

The Advocate General’s opinion on the matter is due to be published on December 15. That opinion is non-binding, but in many previous cases, the court judges’ final ruling has closely mirrored it, so it could provide a strong indication of the final outcome, which is expected next year.