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Ryan Mason believes Harry Kane is right to highlight Tottenham’s lost values in recent seasons.

Spurs travel to eighth-placed Aston Villa on Saturday knowing victory will virtually secure them a place in the Europa Conference League next season with hopes of a top-four finish long gone.

It is a far cry from Tottenham’s best years under Mauricio Pochettino when they were regularly in the Champions League and one of the best clubs in the country.

Harry Kane in action for Tottenham
Last month, chairman Daniel Levy revealed his hope for Kane (pictured) to have a statue outside the stadium one day (Nigel French/PA)

Kane has taken part in various interviews during the past week where he has spoken about the club losing the values they had under Pochettino and how he is determined to restore a strong culture and environment despite uncertainty over his future with only one year left on his contract.

“Yep, absolutely I am fully with him on that 100 per cent,” Spurs’ acting head coach Mason responded when quizzed on Kane’s comments.

“We can talk a lot about players but I think the environment, culture, it’s everyone, everything, the small details. We have to have many people driving that, not just one or two people. It has to be driven from within.

“I agree with him because I was part of probably the change in setting new standards and a new culture within this place.

“You can spend years trying to build something but at the same time it doesn’t take long to lose it.

“Thankfully for us we still have many, many good people within these walls who know and feel what good looks like and probably more importantly want that as well. It is something we absolutely strive for.

“It is important, it’s vital and it’s crucial that everyone who comes in here is pulling in the same direction and want the same things. I think that goes for every single football club as well.

“We need that. Every club needs that, we need that. I agree with him.

“I am happy that he has said it because he is one of the people I want to drive it because he is important to us, in terms of his stature at this football but also his understanding that there’s many people that can contribute as well.”

With speculation rife over Kane’s future, fans have taken comfort in his recent comments seemingly suggesting he would be at Tottenham next season.

Last month, chairman Daniel Levy revealed his hope for Kane to have a statue outside the stadium one day, but Mason admitted it was premature for now.

“I think that is probably a question to answer when he is not playing here because then you can recognise and appreciate the work he has done,” Mason admitted.

“Right now it is probably a bit premature because the reality is, Harry is still a Tottenham player and we are still focused on him achieving more great things for this football club. Hopefully he can do that.

“Our focus is on Harry until the end of the season – like it is for every player – and then we realise at the end of the season there are some decisions to make for different people and players.”

Meanwhile, Mason called for punishment to be handed out to the spectator at last weekend’s home match against Crystal Palace who allegedly racially abused Son Heung-min.

He added: “If there is anyone stepping out of line, they need to be punished.”