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Nottingham Forest boss Steve Cooper says everyone at the club is aligned in their plans for the January transfer window.

Cooper has already revealed that Forest will not be “ashamed” to bring more signings in the window as they try to plot Premier League survival, despite making 22 signings in the summer.

Since then Forest have brought in Filippo Giraldi as sporting director and Cooper says everyone is now on the same page.

“What’s different between the last window and this one is Filippo Giraldi is in now as sporting director and he takes a lot of the responsibility for the transfer windows,” Cooper said.

“I’ve been working really closely with him on a daily basis and the lines of communication are good it’s all joined-up thinking.

“It’s a joined-up approach, there’s no doubt. We’ve had changes in recruitment that people know about.

“Communication lines are good.

“But my focus is on the players who are available to train on a daily basis, ultimately, that’s what my job is.”

Giraldi’s appointment takes the pressure off Cooper, who is happy to do the majority of his work on the training ground.

“It’s definitely been a positive step to have someone in that role, it’s very common now,” he said.

“You can see the benefits from it and having the workload he can take on.

“I thought that at the time, and I thought it before to be honest I want to be a head coach, there’s no doubt about that.

“What’s the difference between a head coach and a manager? Not much sometimes.

“A leader’s a leader.

“But it’s good to be working with an experienced sporting director, for me as well it’s good for the club.”