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Don't blame me if we miss out on top six, says Canning
Hamilton Accies boss Martin Canning says he shouldn’t be blamed if the club fail to secure a top-six finish.

The Lanarkshire outfit looked on course to record their highest finish in over 70 years but haven’t won in their last 10 games since Canning took over.

The Hamilton boss says there are mitigating factors after losing top goalscorer Tony Andreu and Mikael Antoine-Curier.

“I don’t think dropping out of the top six would have anything to do with me. I think it would be down to the circumstances that surrounded the club.

“We lost three influential players and have taken a lot of goals out of our team. Alex was taken out of the middle of the park as well.

“There have been circumstances behind it. We’ve had a whole new staff come in and we’re trying to make it gel.

“For me, if everything had stayed the same and the only difference was that Alex had left and another guy had come in, you could probably say that’s where the blame lies.

“But with the changes that have been made, then a dip in form was always potentially capable of happening.

“We hadn’t had a bad run this season until that point and every club gets one. Ours was due to come. It’s not as if we are Celtic and winning games comfortably.

“We obviously expect better in terms of results but we are realistic enough to know this kind of run is always going to happen for a smaller club.

“When you see the changes made then you can see why it’s happened. But that won’t affect me in any way. If we do finish top six then great, if we don’t then it’s been a learning curve for the staff and players.”