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A man who tried to break in Jose Mourinho’s London home while he watched the Euro 2016 final has been jailed for four weeks.

Mourinho was seen in a picture watching out the window as the prowler was being arrested by police, who were called by the Manchester United manager’s security guards.

According to sources, the would-be burglar was seen by a maid trying to enter the property via the basement but he ran when she shouted “What are you doing here?”


A source told the sun:

“The prowler was trying not to be obvious but he clearly did not fit in with such an upscale area. The guard saw him trying all the house doors, leaning against them with his shoulder,”

“He followed him on the opposite side of the road, using the cars for cover. He usually has a dog with him, but this time he did not.

“The first open door the guy found was Jose’s basement gate. That’s not unusual because his staff are in and out all the time and the basement front door is often ajar.

“It was perfect timing when the Portuguese maid screamed, ‘What are you doing here?’ – because at that moment the security man blocked the getaway. The burglar was threatening to punch him but he stood his ground. With nowhere to go, the burglar just smoked a cigarette.”