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Jose Mourinho will be confirmed as the new Manchester United manager for next season within “a matter of hours”, according to reports from Sky Italia.

Rumours and speculation have circulated for months over the future of the ex-Chelsea manager, however reports now suggest his contract is close to being signed.

When asked recently about whether he missed football since being let go by Chelsea, the Portuguese manager said he would wait until the summer before returning.

“Of course I miss it. But in July I will be back. So we are in May and May to July is nothing. I keep enjoying my life which I’m doing, keep enjoying my family.

“But in July I am back. June 30 (to sign a contract) – that’s fine.”

Louis van Gaal will be preparing his team for their last game of the season and FA Cup final while his future hangs in the balance, however an announcement may help clear up any speculation and help the team focus.