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Allan happy to step up at Celtic

By August 17, 2015No Comments

Whatever apprehension Scott Allan may have had ahead of his move to Celtic, it quickly disappeared before 3pm on Saturday, as the home support welcomed him with open arms.

Fast forward to Monday, and give or take the odd awkward question about his love for Rangers football club, the former Hibernian midfielder took his first press conference as a Celtic player in his stride.

The most important factor in any career move is if it feels right and it always helps if you have the support of family and friends.

Something Allan quickly alluded to, “Football is my job. You need to look out for your best interests and that’s what I’ve done by coming to Celtic.”

“I wanted to go on and progress my career, I made my decision on football terms, it’s about playing football and developing, and this is the right move for me.”

As for the family?

“My family support any decision I make and that’s what I would expect of them.”

He won’t be the first or the last boy to probably have pictures of Rangers players on the wall of his bedroom when he was growing up. One of Celtic’s greatest players found himself in a similar situation in the 60’s when Sean Fallon came calling on behalf of Celtic.

Kenny Dalglish couldn’t be questioned in his commitment to the club and was able to reveal he went to Ibrox as a youngster to watch Rangers with his Dad, but when the decision on where he would go to get the best football education at that time, Celtic was a ‘no-brainer.’

If Scott Allan progresses to even a fraction of the player King Kenny was, he’d be doing well, but the dilemma on bettering yourself remains just as fresh today as it did to Dalglish then.

“I just need to get my head down, work hard and try to get into the team. The manager has noticed some of my strengths but I still have things to work on. This is the place to develop my game.”

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