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Falkirk urge SPFL rethink

By April 5, 2016No Comments

Falkirk have urged the SPFL to rethink the decision to change the Championship final day fixtures from the Saturday to the Sunday.

St Mirren’s game against Rangers has been moved to the Sunday for television coverage which means all the games have been moved to the Sunday so that there aren’t any perceived competitive advantages.

However, Falkirk, who face Morton on the final day are unhappy at the decision and believe the fans aren’t being put first.

A club statement said: “We understand why the SPFL wanted to change the dates so that all the final day games took place at the same time.

“The reality is that none of the teams competing for the play-offs would be disadvantaged by allowing their games to take place on the Saturday.

“This decision is inconsiderate of our fans, not only because of the switch to a less convenient day, but also because end-of season supporters’ events have been planned for the Saturday. Clubs will lose out considerably at the gates and through the loss of hospitality.

“We are going through the proper channels to ask the SPFL to change its position – there’s still time to reverse their decision and respect the wishes of our fans.”

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