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Gordon Smith backs Rangers demands over yellow card rule change

By December 20, 2018No Comments

Rangers are right to demand a change in rules over yellow card appeals, insists ex Ibrox midfielder Gordon Smith.

The club appealed to the governing body after winger Daniel Candeias was shown a second yellow card for gesturing at Saints defender Anton Ferdinand during a 2-1 win in October.

A scathing statement released after the appeal was denied, heavily criticised referee Willie Collum and slammed the SFA’s rules on being unable to appeal a yellow card, leading to a red.

The Light Blues were today slapped with a £6K fine for their comments on the performance of the official but ex-Ranger hero Gordon Smith believes the club should peruse a rule change.

He told PLZ Soccer: “I agree with them totally on the rule change. We discussed it and said it’s crazy you can’t appeal a yellow card.

“But if one of the yellow card leads to a red card you can appeal the red so why can’t you appeal the red card if the yellow card is wrong.

“I agree totally this has to be looked at. They were heavy in the criticism and they’ll understand why they’ve been fined but I do feel the rule change has to come.”