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Griffiths sickened by twitter abuse

By February 8, 2016No Comments

Leigh Griffiths branded the vile abuse he received on Twitter as disgusting and says it’s now a matter for the police to deal with.

The Celtic striker received the tweet after the 2-0 defeat of East Kilbride.

Griffiths is known for having banter with the fans and says he doesn’t mind being a hate figure of the opposition supporters, but he was enraged by an anonymous Twitter troll who crossed the line, tweeting death wishes to him about his kids.

The footballing community has shown support for Griffiths in the aftermath of the incident but he has warned he will come off Twitter if it happens again.

“It’s not nice to see people commenting like that on Twitter. I had to put a message out there,” he said.

“You’re still a human being at the end of the day. For 90 minutes fans will hate me but at the end of the day I’m a family man and what I do for myself I’ll do for my kids as well.

“I’m speaking to the Police on Thursday. It’s a matter for them to deal with now.

“No person should be subjected to that abuse. It’s disgusting and I hope the individual is ashamed of themselves and they get caught.

“I’m not caring if he apologised he shouldn’t be saying stuff like that in the first place.

“I’m having second thoughts about being on Twitter. I can’t keep seeing stuff like that when I look on my phone.

“It’s happened before and if it happens again then I’m definitely coming off Twitter.”

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