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By April 15, 2016No Comments

Remember the 96.

Take a look at your child today and try to imagine waving goodbye as they head out to a football match, never to return.

Stop and think for one single minute about the pain of losing any relation or friend, all because they went to a football stadium and became innocent victims of one of Britain’s biggest sporting tragedies.

If you shed a tear or even feel sick in your stomach, multiply it by a million times more and you still won’t come close to the sense of grief shared by the families of the 96 Liverpool fans who lost their lives at Hillsborough in 1989 while attending an FA cup semi-final.

As if to add insult to injury, try and grasp the fact that while looking for answers to how your loved one lost their life, you had to endure the longest wait in English legal history to determine who was at fault for the tragedy that caused 96 fans to die.

Lies, untruths and deceit have compounded the pain endured by the families over the 27 years since the crush in the Leppings lane end of Hillsborough stadium, but still they fought for justice and truth.

No verdict will ever replace the family member gone but, justice will in the smallest way possible, allow many to close the book on a quest for the truth, so long denied them.

Liverpool, on the 15th April at 15.06 every year, is a family united in paying their respects in silence for loved ones gone.

Hold the hand of the ones you love at six minutes past three today and in silence for sixty seconds of your life, remember the 96.

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