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Roughie’s View: Long, long season for Thistle

By September 18, 2015No Comments

Looking at the start my old side Partick Thistle have made it’s clear they haven’t recovered from losing the players they did last season.

They haven’t been able to replace the likes of Higginbotham, O’Donnell, Balatoni and Taylor with equal quality.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s not the fault of Alan Archibald, that’s just the way the finances are at the club just now.

But there’s no doubt about where the problem lies: they can’t score goals. They’ve gone four games without one. 

They had enough chances to win that game against Dundee last week but it is concerning that they can’t hit the back of the net.

They rely too much on Doolan winning games for them and that’s not a healthy position.

It’s too early to judge Amoo and Pogba and others they have brought in but where they are sitting just now isn’t a healthy place.

They need to start winning games otherwise they could find themselves cut adrift which would be a major problem for them.

As a Partick fan it’s a major concern when they are sitting at the bottom of the league but you have to have the belief that they are as good as another two or three teams in the league to pull themselves out of it.

I don’t think they’ll get relegated this season as I think they’ll start to win the games that they need to win. It’s going to be a long, long season though and at this moment in time I can’t see them being near the top six.