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‘Scotland need to dare to lose’

By October 16, 2015No Comments

Celtic boss Ronny Deila says Scotland have to put the fear of losing behind them and focus on developing players if they are to succeed in the future.

Scotland will miss out on Euro 2016 which has been the catalyst for a lot of soul searching as the nation’s absence from a major tournament continues to grow.

Not since 1998 have the Scots reached a major finals and Deila believes Scotland need to emulate countries such as Switzerland, Iceland, Denmark and his homeland Norway who have all switched their focus to developing youngsters if they are to reach a major tournament.

Asked what Scotland needs to do to succeed in future competitions, he said: “That’s a very big question so it’s very hard to be concrete on things but you have to dare to lose to get better.

“There is a lot of pressure in this country on results. When everyone is doing the safe things all the time you can win short term but you’ll never win long term.

“Countries like Switzerland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland all give opportunities to young boys, they develop them and give them the chance to get experience. With the Under-21s Norway has done this for many years.

“Our full international team were so bad for a while but now they are coming good as the generation that includes Stefan Johansen have come through. We also changed our way of playing in a bid to make our players more creative.”