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The madness of King Dave

By November 13, 2015No Comments

Rangers chairman Dave King’s statement on Thursday evening has left me bewildered and bemused at the timing and tone of his comments.

Defiant and definitive is the only way to sum up the words of the latest Dave in charge of Rangers.

Mr King is like a chip off the old block of the previous leader of the Ibrox legions in the EBT years, proclaiming in this latest release, that there will be no surrendering of titles.

It is a rallying cry to gladden the hearts of the Rangers supporters just getting used to the notion that they are on the way back and about to take what they believe is their rightful place at the top of Scottish football.

The thinly veiled threat, or maybe it is just a blatant threat in the statement, fires out a warning to all who dare to attack Rangers that they will be held accountable.

In true ‘Dad’s Army’ fashion, your name is in the book.

This latest form of smokescreen and intimidation is in line with some of the madness unfolding on social media and across many areas of the Scottish football press too.

Lets move on, there’s no case to answer, this is going to be bad for everyone and of course the classic line, I am telling you there was no sporting advantage gained and that is final, have all been used by those ‘with’ and those ‘without’ an agenda.

Suddenly, Lord Nimmo Smith’s previous investigation and determination is set in stone and cannot be challenged according to Mr King.

You couldn’t make this up, or could you?

Does anyone really have a clue what is going to happen?

When I was head of sport at Radio Clyde, when Rangers were sinking faster than the Titanic from 2008 onwards, I never thought for one minute they would go into administration or liquidation.

However, at the height of that madness, we had experts on the phone, prophets on the internet, would be accountants on the dole and the most frightening of all, footballers on the show trying to claim there was nothing to worry about, the accounts were fine, now move along and stop picking on Rangers.

We also had the ‘billionaire’ Craig Whyte, but that’s another story!

Fast forward to 2015 and we are heading down a similar road.

Have Rangers broken the law or not? Should they be stripped of their titles if they have gained a sporting advantage by paying players using this tax avoidance method? Who gets punished, oldco Rangers or newco Rangers?

What we do know is HMRC have won this current battle, but have they won the war to claim what they believe is rightfully theirs? Only time and a possible final appeal will tell.

What is to be gained at this present moment by Dave King making this statement?

Right now, there are bigger battles to be won elsewhere for the future of Rangers, rather than pandering to groups of supporters arguing over a case that has still to be decided next year or maybe even longer away, depending on appeal.

The current court case involving Charles Green has far more worrying implications for the Ibrox club than any title stripping debate.

One thing is for certain, if Her majesty’s tax authorities ultimately win the case, then the SPFL will have to follow the rules to the letter and make sure they are whiter than white legally by determining what punishment, if any, is to be handed out to Rangers for the use of EBTs.

The fans of every other club in Scotland are demanding that, just as they did when forcing the issue that prompted the SPFL to place ‘newco’ Rangers in the bottom tier of Scottish football in 2012.

Do I want to see Rangers stripped of titles?

If a far more intelligent mind than mine determines they gained a sporting advantage, based on all the evidence they have, that I don’t, then yes.

If they didn’t, let’s move on.

Until that point, disregard all proclamations, including Mr King’s.