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Watch: Emirates Benfica safety video goes viral

By October 29, 2015No Comments

We’ve seen it all before.

You sit down on a plane, cramped with no space in front of you or beside you like a disgruntled battery chicken, waiting impatiently for the flight to take off before stewards go through the tedious safety routine that nobody really pays any attention to.

Well, how about doing the safety styled demonstration in front of 65,000 fans at the Estadio do Luz before Benfica’s huge match against rivals Sporting, That’s exactly what steward’s from Emirates Airline did.

The idea was to bring supporters around the world together using the hashtag #hellolisbon

And it certainly caught the imagination of the fans. Unfortunately it did the Eagles no favours as they were beaten 3-0.

But perhaps this video might just bring a smile to a few of those disappointed fans’ faces.