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Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou feels his passion for football has found the perfect home in Glasgow.

The former Australia head coach admits his love for Celtic cannot match the supporters who will follow their team to Hampden for Sunday’s Viaplay Cup final against Rangers.

But he can empathise with their feelings because of his shared obsession with his sport.

Postecoglou told Viaplay: “Whilst my passion for this football club can’t match the passion and investment of our supporters, I have been very invested in this sport.

“It’s been my one obsession my whole life, football. I have loved it.

“It’s given me everything good that’s in my life, from relationships to the life I have led, everything has been borne from the fact that I have had this obsession with and passion for the game.

“I understand what it is to love something that much and I know that that’s how our supporters feel about this football club. So it was easy for me to relate to.

“In many senses I was craving that because a lot of my early journey, particularly in Australia, it was the one thing that was missing.

“I had a lot of success but I wasn’t sharing that with like-minded folk. There wasn’t the same level of passion for the game that I had.

“So coming here, for me, it just felt right.”

Postecoglou admits he cannot pretend Sunday’s game against Celtic’s city rivals is just like any other and will focus on trying to make sure his players are mentally focused for kick-off.

“As much as I am the manager of this football club and I am really passionate about it, I am not invested in the same way our supporters are. I can’t be, because they have got generations,” the 57-year-old added.

“It would be insulting for me to say it means the same to me as them, but I bear the burden of that responsibility.

“I know what it means to our people that in these big games we are successful. And the players understand that, they embrace that responsibility too.

“I think that goes for both clubs. When there is so much at stake in terms of the potential repercussions of a result either way, I think that’s brought into the game.”