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If I was Jordan Rhodes I’d be gutted. He’s an £11 million player and yet can’t get in the squad.

I’m bemused by it to say the very least. Here is a guy who scores goals on a regular basis in the Championship in England and yet cannot make any inroads into a Scottish side which is crying out for goals.

He should have been called up. I would have loved to have seen him play against Czech Republic or Denmark.

Strachan says he knows what he can do and has made it clear already that he doesn’t quite fit the system but in my mind he should have been given the chance to prove Gordon Strachan wrong.

There’s Tony Watt given a call-up for the first time in three years, who seemingly has been brought back in after being out in the international footballing wilderness.

How must that look to Rhodes who has once again been omitted. Strachan obviously must see something in Watt but it’s a bit of a gamble.

He’s got a bit of pace which can hurt teams but we don’t know if he has got that ability at that level it’s a big jump from the Championship.

As for the next qualifying campaign? You’ve always got to be optimistic but it’s 80 per cent of the squad who failed to get us there in the last qualifying campaign.

I can’t see of the players he has picked any of them making a huge difference to the squad. You could probably already pick Strachan’s XI.

There has to be a vast improvement for us to qualify for the next one. I don’t think we’re anywhere near good enough to win the group so we’re fighting for anything else that is available.