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Fran Alonso loves a celebration but Celtic’s women’s coach has not put a foot wrong since he found himself in a spotlight he was unfamiliar with last month.

Rangers coach Craig McPherson has received a six-game ban for a cowardly headbutt from behind on Alonso after a draw between the teams at Broadwood last month.

At look at what bans have been handed out and for what – particularly with those guilty of betting offences – would suggest that McPherson can consider himself fortunate to have got off as lightly as he did.

Alonso insisted the night it happened that he did not want the coach punished and has maintained that stance over the last few weeks.

He insisted in the aftermath of his team’s 4-2 won over top-of-the-table Glasgow City yesterday that he wants only to concentrate on the football as his side aim for a late charge but it is little wonder that he earned the plaudits of his superiors at Celtic for the magnanimous approach he has taken to McPherson.

It would appear that those running the disciplinary side of things took a similarly generous view.

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