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Maybe Neil Warnock can count clairvoyance as part of his skill set.

In an interview with a Scottish newspaper more than a decade ago when asked if he would ever consider moving north for a job, he remarked: “No, no, no, no, no!

“The only thing I would probably consider is going in somewhere in February if a club was struggling and try to help them finish the season. The last three clubs I’ve had have all had new owners, none of whom knew anything about football. In the past all you had to worry about was signing players.

“Now it’s a nightmare. Dealing with new owners. Social media? It does my head in. Players and chairmen tweeting each other? That’s not right in my eyes.”


Think Dave Cormack and his Northern Lights away kit.

Still, there was never any real doubt that Neil Warnock was going to be box office for Aberdeen.

Guffawing away in post-match press conferences with one-liners thrown to a media pack always on the look out for any kind of colour, Warnock was always going to have a certain appeal.

But ultimately it is a short-term solution unless, of course, Sharon fancies wandering around the Tesco isle with the selfie-hunters on a more regular basis.

At 75, Warnock has come to Scotland to dip a toe in the waters before heading back to his retirement and the after-dinner circuit where his colorfully blunt anecdotes with always find a captive audience.

He was at pains to stress that he wasn’t overly enamored by what he watched from Aberdeen during their win over League Two Bonnyrigg Rose at the weekend and there is a feeling that he might well be realising just how tough it may prove to be to realise his ambition of delivering the Scottish Cup to Pittodrie before the two part ways.

But while the circus around him at the minute will raise the profile of the club, ultimately there needs to be a plan for what happens next given the unlikely that he will be hanging around for any significant period of time.

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