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Brendan Rodgers reveals he is SADDENED by the response to his ‘good girl’ remarks to a female BBC reporter.

The Hoops boss came under fire after he was heard making the comment at the end of his post match interview after Celtic’s 3-1 win over Motherwell.

The Celtic manager, speaking today revealed he has since spoken to the journalist in question, who didn’t find the comment offensive.

He said: “Sadly for me I think in society now people are looking to find something that is offensive, to try to pin to people.

“Since I’ve been up here, any journalist or reporter or anyone in media, I’ve always based my life on relationships.

“I’ve always offered a warmth, respect and been courteous and have given my time to people and that will never change.

“I’ve spoken to Jane (Lewis), she wasn’t offended. We had a laugh about it and she’ll continue to ask me awkward questions, I’m sure.

“I see her every week. We’ve got good relations. Like I have with most people in my life, professional or social.

“I find is saddening as much as anything because I’m not that type of person, it’s not how I’m built but also I’m saddened for society because people are looking for ways to somehow bring you down if they can. It’s not nice.”