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The problem with VAR may not actually be, well, VAR.

The technology was back among the headlines against this weekend after controversial calls at various games with Tynecastle offering up the biggest criticisms.

Of note is the fact that referee Don Robertson actually got the bulk of decisions correct. Apart from the Celtic penalty, which was as erroneous as the one given at the other end, his own interpretation of events appeared correct until VAR offered an earworm.

He was correct in his summation of the biggest talking points; Yang Hyan-jun’s booking was sufficient given the context of the offence while the penalty awarded to Hearts was baffling. Quite where arms are supposed to be in such a scenario is a mystery.

There are a number of issues with how VAR is administered and, essentially, it comes down to those making the calls in front of a screen. John Beaton was the man in front of the monitor yesterday afternoon which raises a question in itself; considered one of the most prominent referees in the country, would he not be better served officiating the game?

Equally, is there an issue then when more senior officials are in the ear of another referee when it comes to leading them down a particular route?

In an ideal world it would be sensible to have those who played the game at a decent level involved in VAR given their breadth of experience but, in Scottish shores, that would lend itself to another can of worms opening.

But, for all that Celtic’s ire was justifiable at Tynecastle, the bottom line is that they shot themselves in the foot.

Adam Idah was fortunate to have the chance to score from the spot given the lack of a foul leading up to the penalty but his miss means that Celtic have failed to score five out of their last ten penalties. Had they taken an early lead yesterday afternoon it would have been an entirely different atmosphere around the game.

Celtic fans are quick to scorn James Tavernier and his goal return but not since Leigh Griffiths have they had a reliable dead ball specialist who offered menace from free-kicks, let alone from the spot.

That failure has undermined them this season. Whether it proves to be fatal or not will offer significant intrigue across the remaining nine Premiership games.

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