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Harry Kane is proud of how he handled a “difficult” time settling into his new life in Germany.

The England captain swapped London for Munich last summer as he left boyhood club Tottenham to join Bayern.

He spent the first few months of his stay in Germany in a hotel as his wife Kate and their children stayed behind before they all made the move into a new house after Christmas and a new chapter in their lives is now in full swing.


You would never have known Kane was finding it tough given his performances on the pitch, scoring 28 goals in his first 27 games for Bayern.

“It wasn’t easy, the first four or five months being in the hotel and being away from the family,” he told the PA news agency.

“That was for sure difficult so I was proud of the way I was still able to perform on the pitch in those circumstances.

“We’ve had a good winter break and everyone came back with me, the kids are in school, we have got the house.

“Month by month it starts to feel more like home, you meet parents at school, my wife is meeting new friends and you just start to meet new people and see new things.

Kane is an investor and brand ambassador for golf sportswear brand Reflo
Kane is an investor and brand ambassador for golf sportswear brand Reflo (Reflo handout/pA)

“Everyone has been fantastic, all the fans here, the club have been great and trying to make me welcome and so far it is nothing but praise for everyone here.”

Now that things are settling down, he cannot wait for the German golf courses to reopen.

The winter weather means he has been unable to play much of his beloved golf lately – though he has still been busy, investing in sportswear brand Reflo, whose mission is to become the most sustainable apparel brand in the world by using materials derived from single-use plastic waste.

Kane, who will wear the Reflo brand when playing pro-am and exhibition competitions, said: “The weather, since the snow hit us we have been struggling, I don’t think the courses open here until March so I have been hitting the golf simulator a little bit and trying to stay in a decent shape for now.

“That is one thing I am looking forward to, I am starting to feel at home with the family, the kids are in school so the next step is to start finding the golf courses when I get some alone time with friends.”

Kane has been determined to immerse himself in the culture of Munich and that includes learning the language.

So how is he getting on?

“I’ve started German lessons and have these at least once or twice a week,” he said.

“I want to fit in as much as possible and learning the language is important and I’m willing to try.

“The Bayern fans are great, I hear them chanting lots of songs throughout the matches.”

:: Harry Kane is a golf ambassador for sustainable performancewear brand Reflo. To find out more about the apparel, visit Reflo.com