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Rangers have tonight released a statement confirming that they have met with SFA officials to discuss the VAR handball incident in Saturday’s Old Firm clash and conclude that the decision was ‘incorrect’.

In a statement a Rangers spokesperson has said:

“Rangers FC today met with Scottish FA officials to discuss the VAR handball call and subsequent miscommunications from Saturday’s Old Firm match. From the meeting, there was an overriding consensus the VAR decision of no handball was incorrect.

“Having listened to the audio, there is no mention of a potential offside at the time of the handball decision. Rangers is also deeply concerned at the haste at which the erroneous no handball call was made.

“Rangers has appealed to the Scottish FA to release the audio and explain this decision, and future contentious decisions involving all clubs, to the public, as would be common practice in England for such a decision.

“The club has made a number of specific requests that it hopes the Scottish FA will respond to in order to improve matters going forward.”