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Celtic have been fined just over £25,000 by UEFA after they were cited on three front following their Champions League game against Atletico Madrid last month.

The game was played out against a backdrop of unrest between the club and the Green Brigade with supporters requesting to abstain from displaying any flags related to the conflict in the Middle East. Celtic fans responded with a huge Palestinian flag display with governing body UEFA claiming there was a display ‘of a provocative message of an offensive nature.’

There have been suggestions the fine was not because of the Palestinian flags but because of the display of one flag which had the logo of terrorist group PFLP on it.

Celtic have also been fined £10,000 for fans blocking passageways and using pyrotechnics. Atletico were fined £2,600 for their fans setting off firewaorks at the game. 

Celtic have already banned the Green Brigade section of fans from attending games, citing a number of “unacceptable behaviours”, including the use of pyrotechnics, rushing turnstiles, illegally gaining access and forcing open fire exits at Motherwell’s Fir Park.

Stressing that the suspension was “not imposed as a result of the display of Palestinian flags”, Celtic have offered season ticket refunds to those affected.

These issues are likely to be hotly debated at this morning’s Celtic AGM.

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