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Everton have announced they are to remain at Goodison Park for an extra season as competitive matches will not be played at their new Bramley-Moore Dock stadium until the 2025/26 campaign.

The new waterside ground is still on schedule to be completed by the end of 2024 but a decision has been taken not to move mid-season.

“Firstly, and to be absolutely clear, our decision to not move in mid-season is not because of a construction delay,” said interim chief executive Colin Chong.

“It is a club decision driven by a combination of commercial insight, a comprehensive review of the logistics required, an analysis of the potential impact upon our football operations and, importantly, fan feedback sourced as part of our recent stadium migration survey.

“Everton Stadium remains firmly on track, as scheduled, to be completed in the final weeks of 2024.

“All of this does mean that next season, 2024-25, is scheduled to be our last at Goodison Park.

“By the time we close the gates for the final time, Goodison will have been our home for nearly 134 years.”