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Ross County boss Malky Mackay admitted he thought it was strange his side had a James Brown goal disallowed in the second half of the 0-0 draw with Dundee at Dens.

The Staggies believed they had broken the deadlock but the counter was ruled out with an offside Jordan White adjudged to have been interfering with play.

Referee Colin Steven was asked to review the decision on the trackside monitor and he stuck by the original call to the frustration of the County manager, with the game ending goalless.

Mackay said: “I have had a look at it again and I have spoken to Colin.

“It appeared VAR were wanting Colin to have a look to see if he felt it was subjective enough that there was interference with play.

“Which he obviously did.

“I have looked at it again and again and again and I see Jordan White and Joe Shaughnessy coming across. But they are coming across a fair distance away from the goalkeeper.

“So for that to be catching the eyeline…and I’ve seen plenty of them given in the last six months.

“I think it was strange that the keeper mishandled it and we put it into the net. The linesman did the right thing putting his flag up and letting it go to VAR and then VAR passed it on to Colin to say ‘it is up to you’.

“So the pictures he is looking at are the ones I have seen, I think it is strange that the goal was not given tonight.”

Dundee boss Tony Docherty admitted he was disappointed his team could not take all three points from the game but he was still pleased that the Dark Blues remain unbeaten at home this season.

He said: “It feels like a missed opportunity. There were signs that the team hadn’t played for a few weeks. We got sucked into the type of game we didn’t want to play.

“The overriding feeling is disappointment because we didn’t win the game. I know this league. We’re still unbeaten at home and that’s really important. Whether we did enough to win it, we had a wee flurry at the end.

“We could have nicked it but it’s important when it’s in the balance you don’t lose it.

“It’s another clean sheet for Trevor Carson and the back three. You have to focus on some positives.”