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The introduction of VAR was designed to minimise mistakes and, when possible, bring clear and obvious errors to the attention of officials.

But given the mixed success of the technology, is it time to canvas opinion from managers and players about whether they wish VAR to remain part of the game?

When Barry Robson revealed last week that the referee had kicked his own door in – presumably after watching footage back of Jack MacKenzie being tripped in the box, an infringement that Austrian VAR official Alan Kijas did not think worthy of pointing out – it was the latest in a long line of wrong calls across the last year.

There were plenty of observers who were keen on the use of VAR believing that it would enhance the quality of the game and act as a valuable aid to officials as they looked to come to the right decision.

There were always going to be contentious issues given the fact that some decisions have to be subjective but seeing goals disallowed for a toenail offside or, in Aberdeen’s case, decisions not given when the evidence could not be clearer brings into question whether it is fit for purpose.

It would be interesting to hear the thoughts of playes and managers who have lived with the technology across the last twelve months to get a broad view on whether they feel that VAR has been to the benefit of the game or whether it has been worthwhile.


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