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Rangers beaten by a pub team from Cyprus and Aberdeen held to a 1-1 draw at home by a team from Finland.

That is the state of Scottish football.

If anyone was under any illusion about the problems at Rangers, it was there for all to see on Thursday night.

The defence is a shambles and the players that the next manager will inherit are not fit to wear the jersey.

Nothing Steven Davis said in that dressing room ahead of this match made the slightest bit of difference to a group of players who have embarrassed the club yet again with another inept performance that lacked fight or creativity.

It’s a collection of players assembled from a jumble sale with no leader and no spine.

Limassol are fifth in their domestic league, fourth seeds in the group, but still managed to score two goals without any resistance at the heart of the Rangers defence.

If the next manager at Ibrox can get anything out of this side then he’s a miracle worker.

Rangers need investment and a new strategy on recruitment to have any chance of closing the gap on Celtic.

The reality is the Champions are miles ahead on and off the park and there is a real prospect of them winning the big prizes domestically for years to come unless someone comes in with serious money to get rid of the no-hopers in this current team.