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Rangers manager Philippe Clement has asked fans not to use ‘dangerous’ pyrotechnics at matches.

The Rangers away support choreographed a pyro display during the opening minutes of their 5-0 victory over Dundee at Dens Park on Wednesday which set off the ground’s fire alarm system and caused the referee to temporarily suspend the match.

The club’s manager has today requested that fans stick to non-dangerous methods of support such as chanting and singing. He said:

“I love how we came to Dundee in the special circumstances, we came outside for the warm-up, and you see a lot of Rangers supporters, a lot of atmosphere, songs, chants, support for the team. It gives the team energy, and the pyro thing, we don’t need.

“It doesn’t give something extra, it’s dangerous. So, if they give all the other things, I will be a very satisfied manager.

“It’s good that there are rules because it is a dangerous thing, so I think we need to avoid that. People can come in danger in a lot of places in the past that I’ve seen it but it’s good that there are strict rules because we need to avoid it as there’s danger for people.”