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There have been some interesting stats knocking about this weekend with Rangers fans encouraged by the fact that Michael Beale’s numbers appear to be adding up for a decent crack at next season.

Celtic’s recent performances since winning the league have been indifferent with Saturday’s draw against St Mirren doing little to set the heather alight as they returned to Celtic Park for the first time since winning the league at Tynecastle.

To read too much into recent results and performances, however, is a misnomer.

Rangers are still dancing but the music has stopped and the lights have come up; finishing strongly will set strong foundations for next season but to judge the teams across the latter months of the campaign is ill advised.

Both will have a different look about them when the season kicks off in August.

When the pressure is on and results matter is the only time when judgements can be passed.

To that end, Ange Postecoglou will appreciate that there is a need for reinforcements as he looks towards a two-pronged domestic and European campaign.

Similarly, Michael Beale has long known that key players are moving on as a stale looking first-team needs revitalised.

Judgement is best passed when they get set to go again.