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There was more than one hangover on the go for Celtic fans this weekend.
For some, the waking up to smell the coffee came on the back of a week where there had been a willful blanking of what was going on under their noses.
The accusation that reporters were looking to “unsettle” Ange Postecoglou and Celtic in the build-up to a now realised domestic Treble was a truly bizarre take on events that were unfolding in front of them. The Greek-Australian danced on the head of a pin and did not put a foot wrong as he was grilled on questions about the interest from Spurs; he had not spoken to his representatives about anything and they would “not dare” disturb him in the build up to a cup final.
But not once, and especially not in his stadium address as Celtic celebrated trophy day, did he look any further than the weekend’s game. The only ‘if’ in the mix across the last week or so was whether Spurs would offer the job rather than if Postecoglou would take it.

Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou at full time during a Scottish Cup final match between Celtic and Inverness Caledonian Thistle at Hampden Park, on June 03, 2023, in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Craig Foy / SNS Group)

For supporters who deify managers there is an odd naivety that no matter how good a fit they are for a club or how much of an affinity they develop for it – and Postecoglou will be welcomed back at any point given the timing of his exit and what he leaves behind – they are not fans. They do not think like fans and they do not act like fans.

The offer from Spurs offers generational wealth for Postecoglou and that’s before there is any chat about challenges, stirring up a team of perennial underachievers, working with a financial budget that is way beyond anything Celtic could hope to dream of competing with. From a football perspective, it presents a 57-year-old manager with a passage into the English Premiership.
More interesting now is what next for Celtic?
Brendan Rodgers’ ears will be burning this morning after the chat that has surrounded his name this weekend.

Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers applauds the fans at full time

There was all sorts of politics surrounding his exit from the club and, at best, he would be a divisive appointment given the reaction and perception of how he left. Dermot Desmond, though, is nothing if not pragmatic. And a winning team tends to ensure nothing other than the here and now matters.

Or should it be a forward thinking approach rather than a nod over the shoulder? Norwegian manager Kjetil Knutsen oversaw a Bodo/Glimt side that took Celtic apart when Postecoglou was first in the door.
Graham Potter too has been mentioned but financially could be prohibitive.
For Celtic fans who celebrated a domestic Treble as the weekend, their fifth in just seven years, it is a bittersweet finale to Postecoglou’s brief era. What comes next will be of immense interest.